OH3 Openweathermap Binding "Feels Like"

Hi All

I have stated using the OpenWeatherMap Binding using the “One Call API” features. I am however not sure I have the correct Channel for the information I am looking for.

Can anyone confirm whether the "apparent temperature channels:

Apparent Temperature
Current apparent temperature.

Equate to the “feels_like” values in the API?

  "main": {
    "temp": 282.55,
    "feels_like": 281.86,
    "temp_min": 280.37,
    "temp_max": 284.26,
    "pressure": 1023,
    "humidity": 100

I would like to display the Current Temperature as well as the “Feels Like” temperature. However the “apparent temperature” value does not seem to be correct based on a few local weather apps etc. The “Feels Like” temperature is higher on all of these, however the results I am getting say the “Feels Like” are lower.

Current Example: Temp: 26 °C, Apparent Temp: 23.93 °C. Where other APPS say 27 °C and 30 °C.

Don’t see any other possibilities for the “Feels Like” in the binding.


Dar @Mark_VG , I can confirm that apparent temperature indeed corresponds to the “feels_like” value delivered by the API. But for the “current” values you should use the channel “current” instead of “forecastHours01”, which is the predicted value in one hour.

You can check the current data openweathermap provides at

they should be similar to the data you see in your binding for the same location. Be aware that slight differences are possible as the binding refreshes data only at the refresh interval you configured while the website shows the latest available data, but it should not be way off at least.

If the values are way off, then pleas provide your location and an example thing configuration and I will have a look at it.

Hi @Wolfgang1966

Thanks so much for the quick response and confirmation.

I have checked the website and what I am getting does match what they have on the site. So it appears that the data is incorrect (possibly since I am is South Africa?)

I also seem to have copied the incorrect Chennel:

Apparent Temperature
Current apparent temperature.

Thanks again for a very useful binding.