OH3 Overview Page - is it supposed to Auto Populate?

Hope this is a quick and dumb question but is the Overview Page supposed to Auto Populate? (I can see it says edit the layout but I also thought Ive seen suggestions of auto population in other posts)

The tabs at the bottom of the overview page (locations, equipment, and properties) will auto-populate with items based on the semantic model tags. If you haven’t created any items using the semantic model or included the model tags in your text definitions then nothing will populate in the tabs. Those tabs have some customization you can do if you click the edit (pencil) icon in the upper right corner.

The overview tab is the one you can add your own widgets and cards to through the page editing interface. The only thing that I’ve seen that “auto populates” on the overview page is the habBot command bar if you install that binding.

Thanks @JustinG - yes I have cards on the other three tabs, was just an inkling there was some magic I wasn’t getting to work - good to know thanks!