OH3 "pages" --- what are they? Also, my fundamental confusion with the OH3 UI

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPI4/4Gb/250Gb HDD
    • OS: Raspbian Buster
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu11.43+100-CA
    • openHAB version: 3.0.0 Release Build

Hi, I am trying to create a simple something in OH3 UI and there’s something I don’t understand. We have Basic UI and HABPanel, ok. As I understand, BasicUI renders the sitemap, HABPanel is on its own. So far so good. But there’s that “main UI” that opens at 8080 port. First of all, its purpose is not quite clear for me: is it a maintenance tool, or a place for observation and control, or both?

Then, pages. When I visit that Administration->Settings->Configuration->Pages, I am suggested to create some really different entities: charts, floor plans, maps etc.

The Overview page is shown on top of this web UI – ok. The sitemap is used by BasicUI and Android app – also ok. Home page – I was not able to see it anywhere. I created some dummy chart, and I cannot find it anywhere too. So why all this realy different elements are there, how do I use them?

Finally, I have that 4 pages created but the editor tree still shows me the “No pages” label at the top. Is it just a bug, or I am using it wrong? (Nevermind the NULL value, it’s ok)

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Both. Current mobile apps use the Basic UI sitemaps. I suspect that is why it was not yet removed. The Main UI is also mobile friendly. Personally I suspect it could possibly replace the current mobile apps.

The Main UI uses the semantic modeling introduced wit HABPanel. I really the hands-on demonstration my @ysc at the virtual meetup It is right after Kai’s 15 minute presentation.

OH3 Virtual Meetup 2020


To me habpanel and the new main UI look very similar in what they cover. Is the idea that we start using the new main UI instead of habpanel? I want to do some updates to my panels now that OH3 is out and I am just wondering if I should be going the route of the new main UI instead?