OH3 Pages with "mappings" like sitemap?

Hi There

I am trying to replicate what I created in OH 2.5 for my Alarm system (using sitemaps). I am using OH3 now and want to use Pages.

I am however stuck on this one:

In my sitemap version I used mappings as follows for my DISARM, STAY and EXIT buttons:

        Switch item=Partition3_Disarm   mappings=[ON="DISARM"]  label="Partition 3 Disarm"
        Switch item=Partition3_Stay     mappings=[ON="STAY"]    label="Partition 3 STAY"
        Switch item=Partition3_Exit     mappings=[ON="EXIT"]    label="Partition 3 Exit"

However I cannot work out how to achieve this with OH 3 and Pages.

I have tried adding “State Description” Meta Data, but still only get the following:

OH3 Pages

The YAML code for the list items is:

component: oh-toggle-item
  item: Partition3_Disarm
  title: Partition 3 DISARM
  icon: oh:house
  iconUseState: true

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Should be in the items state descriptions meta data and then in the options field.
At least that works for me (i.e. 1=Home, 2=Away), each option on one line.

Hi Chris

Thansk for the reply. Tried:

value: " "
  options: 1=DISARM,ON=DISARM

Still get the same (just a switch and not a “Push Button”

Starting to think that maybe this requires a Widget - Though strange that there would not be a default for this since there are options for RollerShutter, Play etc?


I got the following setup for my home status:

On a page:

component: oh-label-card
action: options
actionItem: homestatus
item: homestatus
icon: oh:presence
iconSize: 64

The item is a simple number item with the following state description:

value: " "
options: 0=AWAY,1=HOME,2=WAKE,3=SLEEP

If i then click the page card I get a list of my above item states to choose from (not seperaten Buttons though).

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This looks related

EDIT - fixed link

I think I have found a workable solution now:

component: oh-list-card
config: {}
    - component: oh-list-item
        action: command
        actionCommand: ON
        actionItem: Partition3_Disarm
        title: DISARM
        listButton: true

Gives me a clickable link that does what the sitemap version did. Will have to work on alignment etc. though:
OH3 Disarm

Thanks again.

Thanks - but the link doesn’t work for me:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


EDIT - Fixed.

Hmmm…but why do I have still to fiddle around with some custom written code in OH3? Something like this should be possible directly from the GUI IMHO