OH3 Persisting Items using rrd4j service on Raspberry Pi on a memory stick


I would like to use Presence Simulation presented by Rikoshak - thanks a lot!

Since I’m running OH3 latest snapshot on a Raspbi 4, I don’t want to use my SD card to log persistance data, because as I read, SD cards are not made for that.

So I would like log persistance data on a memory stick. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about how to manage this. How to say rrd4j service to store to the stick storage and not the sd card.

Has anyone information about that, maybe a community article, which I didn’t find?

Thanks a log


The full story about SD card wearout is complex, see here.
Complex problems don’t have simple (and good) solutions.
Long answer short, use openHABian, it also puts persistence data into RAM by default.

If you want to do that. Can’t you just create a filesystem mount point at the persistence folder named rrd4j, and mount your memory stick under that location?

He could, but to only move persistence will not save the SD so this is missing the real point.
This is an XY problem answer.

Ok, thanks a lot for your answers… I will have a look at the linked information!