OH3 - Popup/Popover based on item state

Hello everyone,
can somebody help me out with my issue?

i need a popup / popover in MainUi based on item state, tried to solve trough widget, but seems not possible.

someone can put me on the right path?
thank you!

Please show us what you already tried.

i have now a widget that work:

component: f7-popup
     --f7-popup-tablet-height: 350px
  animate: true
  closeByBackdropClick: false
  opened: '=(items.fritzCallRinging.state == "RINGING") ? true : false'
    - component: Label
        text: '=items.fboxIncomingCall.state'
         text-overflow: ellipsis
         font-size: 130px

widget is not visible (and i like it that way), but as soon as i get a call, i see the popup on my tablet.
that’s ok, but only if “overview” is the active page, if “location” is the active page no popup at all

is there a possibility to make it popup on every page?

for this reason I posted this solution

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