OH3 Remote openHAB Binding not connecting

I’m having a problem getting the remote openhab binding to connect to remote server.

Using OH3 latest build.

Signed up for an account on myopenhab.org.

Installed the remote openHAB binding.

Added a Remote openHAB Server Thing

Set server address to

But get the error
Invalid REST URL built from the settings in the thing configuration

What am I doing wrong?

OH3 installed on RPi3


Wait, this looks a lot like you are using the wrong binding.

The Remote openHAB binding is to connect to another instance of openHAB and mirror the Items from that remote instance in your OH 3 instance.

To connect to myopenhab.org you need the openHAB Cloud Connector add-on.


Ah, that would explain it!

I can’t find the openHAB Cloud Connector in OH3, is it available yet?

These are the only ones in the list with “Cloud” in the name.



It appears not to be ready yet.

It is ready and working over here…
It is not listed under bindings but other services.

Found it, thanks.

It’s under “Misc” not “Bindings”.
Must be some logic to that :slight_smile:


One remark from my side after a fresh installation and troubleshooting for at least 30 minutes:
You need to expose AT LEAST ONE item to see your instance in myopenhab coming “online”.

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Not at all, exposing items is not needed.

For me it appeared offline until I exposed the first item. Did cost me 30 minutes of fiddling in my config :sob:

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Same for me.
I spend a lot of time blaming my username (a plain word) I first believed that I should have give my email as a username on my fresh installation.