OH3 RF controlled Blilnd How to create a single rule with switch condition

Hi all, I am trying one of my OH2.5 script conversions to 3.0 and was hoping to migrate all my rule files to UI based rules
I have a dual blind that is RF controlled using the broadlink binding.
I have created a “dummy” equipment and points to represent the day blind, night blind and both blinds

I understand I can create three “codeless” rules to fire on UP, STOP, DOWN to send a command to the RF thing to control the blind, but I am looking for a way to have a single rule

My 2.5 rule looked like this:

    rule "BR1 Blind RS tristate"
        Item BR1_BlindRS received command
        switch(receivedCommand) {
        case UP: {
        case STOP: {
        case DOWN: {

How do I do this in 3.0 UI
I was working on the following but cant see how to do it:
Trigger is Item
When Item receives command (then didnt specify a command as it shows Any in grey if I dont select one (which is what I want)
Run a script
But I dont see any examples of how to read the incoming item command - I have only found examples using state

can anyone get me started?