OH3 rollershutter forced calibration not working


I recently migrate from OH2.4 to 3.
I managed to get my configuration to work pretty like before (almost…).
But I have an issue with the Zwave calibation commands of rollershutters FGR-222.
I’m trying to set property “29: Forced Roller Shutter calibration” to 1 and save but nothing is happening.
I had the same issue on OH2.4 (not able to update certain zwave properties with paperui) but, I was using HABmin as a workaround. Today i can’t find HABmin for OH3.
how can I setup my device now or how can I reinstall HABmin ?
thanks if anyone can help.

Did you delete all your device Things from OH (NOT exclude from the network) and re-add? That is advised, especially for such a major version shift, to get the latest binding settings.

What particular model? Some setting may be hidden as advanced.

What version did you upgrade to? 3.0.1?

No, I didn’t delete things to recreate them. OH3 is 3.0.1.
All properties of things are displayed, the only thing that is apearing with “advanced” is the node_id.
Those FGR222 Roller Shutter 2 from fibaro are quitte old, I don’t think there is some new binding settings.

Edit: I’ve just tried to delete and then recreate the thing, that’s the same issue. No new properties fo the thing.

There were major binding changes since 2.5 I know deleting was recommended when moving from 2.4 to 2,5,
In fact the entry was last changed for that device for 2.5.0

It is listed in the database here.

Thank for your reply.
like I said in edit, I did the delete an recreate. I gave the same Identifier as before and altough the same label. I can command the thing but the “force calibration” feature does not work.

What is the setting for Parameter 10 (Operating Modes)?

Forced Roller Shutter calibration. By modifying the parameters setting from 0 to 1 a Roller Shutter enters the calibration mode. The parameter relevant only if a Roller Shutter is set to work in positioning mode (parameter 10 set to 1, 2 or 4).

Off course, this param 10 is set to 1.

I guess it is time to follow the binding documentation & collect DEBUG logs then to see what is happening.

Yes , I have to find and learn how to do that.


Yes I saw that. I did it and all seems to be ok.
Yesterday when I’ve doen my tests im blind was full opened. “forced calibration” is suppose do a full open then full close.
today my blind was close and , after seting the binding to debug, I changed the paramater from 1 (the state I let it yesterday) to 0, nothing happen. but when switching back to 1, the blind fully opened, but do not close back after.
To be sure, I set the blind to hlaf open, and set the param from 0 to 1 again: it open and nothing more.
If I’m doing the calibration manualy with switch (quite hard to do it with my manual switchs that’s why I prefer to to it via OH) the blind is doing the full open/close cycle.
So now I know that the param is well set, but why doesn’t it have the expected effect?

I finaly figured out what happened.
I have 2 type of motors on my rollershutters. old one and new one (brushless).
Brushless are starting moving slowly and consume less current, so to operate them with the FGR222 I changed the parm 18, which set the “Power threshold to be interpreted as reaching a limit switch” , to 1 instead of 10.
It appear that I accidentaly set this param to 1 on this shutter while it’s an old motor. I set it back to 10 and the calibration worked again.
So the error was the human: me.
But if my experience can help, both with calibartion process (param29) and power threshold (param 18) of this device, I’ll be happy.


That sounds like information that could be useful in the “usage” section of the database for that device. would it be possible for you to add it? Here is the database guide.

Interesting, I used the FGR-222 for a bottom hung window where I had to replace the motor.
The new motor has a soft start and stop and I never got calibration done.
Same as you mentioned, window opened but never closed.
Since I had to replace the motor in winter I gave up on this.

Thanks for the hint on parameter 18, will now try again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes keep us informed! good luck. I’ll try to update the DB as mentionned by Bruce.

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I found now time to check this.

Seems my motor has a limit switch for opening but stops closing by an internal force threshold.
Calibration works sometimes but mostly ends with a red steady or blinking LED …

I finally changed parameter 10 to 0 (=without positioning) and can at least open and close the window.

Anyway, thanks for your tip, otherwise I would not have tried it again to get this solved :+1: