OH3: Rollershutter

Hello, I have some questions regarding shutter control in OH3.

  • Which sematic values (Class, Property) do I set for roller shutter?
  • How do I create a group (e.g. all shutters on the upper floor) within the sematic model? What type must such a group (Location, Equipment, Point) have and what sematic values (Class, Property)?

Can anyone give me a hint?

I think “Blinds” is the closest Equipment type.

You don’t. The model already encodes that information though the fact that all the shutters are members of Room Groups on the upper floor. That doesn’t stop you from creating an AllUpperFloorShutters Group for other uses (place on the UI, use in a Rule, persist an aggregate value) but that Group is not part of the model.

If you want to add a virtual Equipment to the Upper Floor location Group, you can use a proxy Item and a Rule I would guess. But that’s only if putting something into the model that is already encoded in the model twice. At least for now, a Point can only be a member of one Model Group (location or equipment). If you put it into more than one, the model will only show it in one of them.

It’s not a location. Whether it’s an Equipment or Point depends on how many Items it takes to represent it. If it’s just one Rollershutter Item that represents everything, you just need a Point Item. If you have more than one Item (e.g. one to control it and another with status) you would use a Group.

@rlkoshak Thanks for the detailed explanation! But I still have a specific question. For the Light item, I use the semantic values Class -> “Switch” and Property -> “Light”. See screenshot 1. For the Rollershutter I use which ones for Class and Property? For semantic class there is no “Blind” value available. See screenshot 2. When I select “Blinds” I have an equipment and no point object anymore. But from my point of view a Rollershutter is a Point or am I wrong?

It depends. Typically an Equipment would be a Group and all of the Items associated with that Equipment would be members of that Group. But if you only have one Item to represent the Equipment it’s perfectly reasonable to just have the one Equipment Item without creating the Group.

So unless you have other Items that are a part of the RollerShutter, I’d just label it as the Equipment and be done.

You are not going to see a Point tag that represents a RollerShutter because Points are intended to be a part of something bigger. So you might have an Equipment Group that is tagged with “Blinds”. That equipment might have as members a RollerShutter Item which I’d tag as a Controll, or Switch or something. I don’t think there is a property that makes sense. It might also have a battery level Item that works be tagged with something like Status as the point and power as the property.