OH3 RS232 Send Command Translation

I am working with a handful of RS232 devices and want to control them with OH3.
In testing a number of devices are working well using a serial binding, item, and simple script.
So far I have been working with devices which I can sent a string or hex.
Such as:
Monoprice Blackbird HDMI Switch PN#:39671 (String)
events.sendCommand('HDMI_Switch', 'POWON.');

KMTronic RS232 Relay (Hex)
(With Charset set to ISO-8859-1)
events.sendCommand('Relay_RS232', '\u00ff\u0001\u0001');

I am having an issue with a Lumens PS752.
In the manual it lists commands such as:

What is the correct way to interpret and send these?
It does not work as ‘\u00A0\u00C1\u0001\u0000\u0000\u00AF’.

Issue resolved.

Interpretation of this manual is correct as I list for Hex.

The device requires a serial cable with only pin 2 to 3, pin 3 to 2, and 5 to 5.
No other pins are allowed in the cable.
Take note that as of 2021-01-20 the manual does list the pinout wrong for a DB9 connector.