OH3: running InfluxDB persistence two times?

Hi everyone,

does anyone know or has tested if it is possible to persist data into two influx databases?
One being an v1.8.x and the other being an v2.0.3
Maybe one through the UI (v2 most likely) and the other (v1) through influxdb.cfg in /conf/services ?

The reason i’m trying to do that is to learn some flux and maybe also move some of my grafana dashboards directly into InfluxDB. While i am doing that on the one hand i don’t want to lose data on the other hand i want actual data in the new InfluxDB.
Right now i’ve set up an additional docker image with OH3.0.1 Snapshot, remoteopenhab as only binding and InfluxDB2 as persistence service.


You could also create some dummy items which follow the original ( use profile for that).
Then you could store the original in influx 1 and play around with the dummy items in influx 2

Hi Raven
was you able to configure two influxdb versions into you openhab v3 instance? I have the same scenario like you.
If yes, how? Thanks for help.


Hi Steffen,

sorry, i wasn’t able to run two influxdb versions in one OH3 instance.
I gave up on any other solution since the time i can commit to my SmartHome is a bit limited at the moment so i stayed on Influx v1 as everything was running as i expected it