OH3 semantic model. Location Categories

I’m setting up OH3 and building the Locations Model for my home. Documentation says that "category mostly defines the default icon, and then specialize the item by choosing a more accurate semantic class than “Location”. From this I can think that it can provide a search functionality to for example filter all Things for a certain category.

The Main UI lets you input free text with no validation for the category field. If you select an existing icon everything goes as expected. However I have some additional icons for home locations in the $OPENHAB_CONF/icons/classic/ folder and find convenient to use them, but this seems not to be working.

How can I use additional icons for home locations?

For me it is working. You just have to type the complete name of the custom icon you want to use. Seems like the UI doesn’t know about the custom icons and thus can’t provide the nice Auto-completion feature. But as soon as you type the full name the icon is shown

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