OH3 Semantic units

Some temperature-sensors are displayed correctly with units - some are without units and this one is displayed with unit in list-view and rounded without unit in cell-view:

Where is this behaviour configured?


I just opened an issue for that.

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Metadata -> Set State Pattern

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I understand that the unit is automatically displayed if the type is set correctly.

You need to add pattern in state description.
%.1f °C

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Your example on github is showing a KNX thing, but the KNX binding seems not to support UoM, so units cannot be shown automaticaly.
@mashborn, could this be se same for your issue ?

I’m using temperature sensors of knx, enocean, zwave etc.
Except knx all of them work automatically - so it seems that you’re right that it depends of the undelying thing/binding.

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Thanks @mashborn, so we narrowed it down to be an issue with channel definitions in KNX binding.
Clearly not a UI bug :wink:

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Do we really have to set the %.1f °C to every KNX temperature item? By the way this leads to different outputs. KNX does output e.g. 23,2°C and an automatically formatted item does show 23.2°C.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-23 um 23.17.18

Is there a nice solution for that? This is quite messy. :slight_smile: