OH3 Semantic

How does OH decide to show for instance a temperature automatically in a location?
Can I overrule this and can I force other properties to show-up?

Can I remove the property name “ShellyVoordeurSensorsTemperature” I use in the items file?

All of the cards in the locations, equipment, and properties tabs on the overview page are automatically populated by whatever equipment and points you have defined as part of your semantic model. Any item that is both tagged as a semantic point and a member of a group that is tagged as semantic equipment will be shown. It is possible (though of dubious utility) to have an item that is tagged as a semantic point that is not a member of an equipment, and these items will not be included in the overview tabs.

You can control the appearance of the items in this list by creating a custom list widget and setting the Default List Item Widget metadata for that item, but otherwise you do not have any control over how they are displayed.

Thanks. This means that it is not possible to show a low battery status.
(BG_Voordeur) [“Measurement”,“LowBattery”]
and that the battery level is shown by default.
(BG_Voordeur) [“Measurement”,“Battery”]
Both are defined as a semantic point and a member of a group that is tagged as semantic equipment.
Why a difference? What do I wrong?

The equipment and points of the model are not separate from OH’s item, they are simply items with extra tags applied to the that helps the UI automatically categorize these items and produce the overview page. Equipment is just a group item that hold several items related to the same physical device or function and has one of the semantic group tags. Point is just any other item that has either a semantic class tag or a semantic property tag (or often both).

Each point that you want to add to an equipment must be it’s own item with it’s own unique name. Then all those points will be shown associated with that equipment item in the automatically generated pages. For example, the sensor is my garage: I represent it as a single equipment group with four different points, each of which is a different item (unique item name e.g., Sensor_Garage_Motion and Sensor_Garage_Battery) and each of which has different semantic properties.

Each of the values for these different properties is then displayed automatically in the Sensors card on the equipment tab:
and also in the garage card on the locations tab.

If you have a device with a number channel for the battery level and a switch or contact channel for a low battery alarm, then you could have both displayed as long as you create separate points for nboth of them. As one example:

  • Equipment_Item (Group with some equipment tag)
    • Point_Item_1 (Number item with semantic class Status and semantic property Voltage)
    • Point_Item_2 (Switch item with semantic class LowBattery and no semantic property)

You don’t have to follow this particular set of tags; you can organize the actual semantic tags however you think it best fits your layout. Just remember as you are tagging these items that it is the tags which determine how they are displayed in the overview pages.