OH3 - sendTelegram not working anymore?


I am ony my Raspi 3B+ running OH3.

Before migrating to OH3 I used the sendTelegram function (configured by my telegram.cfg file) without any problems.
After migrating to OH3 I don’t get telegram messages anymore and see following error in frontail:

Is handling of Telegram different in OH3?

What I am missing please?


Never capture an image of an error message.

Are you using the binding ?

You were using the v1 sendTelegram Action. This is not available in OH3 as it was replaced in OH2 by the v2 Action,
You’llneed to install and configure the Telegram binding, docs include examples of using the new Action which is different.

Hi @rossko57 and @denominator,

Thanks - OK I will try to use the telegram binding now.