OH3 – Set the “main’s UI home page” default active tab

openHAB’s “main’s UI home page”, as it is called in the openHAB documentation’s the “The Home Page” section, and is what I presume is what displays when selecting the “openHAB” at the top of the “sidebar” control, appears to be a union of the ID “overview” and the ID “home” pages. This union mashes the “overview” page as the “Overview” tab to go along with the “home” page’s tabs “Locations”, “Equipment” and “Properties”. I would like to set the “main’s UI home page” default active tab to “Locations” instead of “Overview”. I also would like to know the url (or code) to take one to one of the “main’s UI home page” tabs’ target.

Thank you.

I would say that this ( change the default tab ) is not possible.
There is no separate URL for these tabs as this is javascript inside of the page.
The code is visible by checking the source code in the browser.

See: Configure default page (Overview/Locations/Devices/Properties) · Issue #866 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

Thank you

Would be a nice feature! I also hope we can setup our own page as default, because I want to load my own (tabbed) Page and don’t want to select it in the left menu first.

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