OH3 Sitemap is not showing item value

Hello Together,
I’m pretty new to OpenHab and I started directly with OH3 this year.
I’m using OH on my Phone with the OpenHab App but the Problem also exists in the usual Sitemap Page on the Desktop.
I want to show an Item with an value which is calculated together from different values and when I tap on it it show all the values. That works fine, except that the Item is not showing its value:

    Group icon="solarplant" label="Solaranlage" {
        Text icon="energy" item=LGESS10_esscommonPVcurrentpower label="Aktuelle Erzeugung (W)" {
            Default icon="energy" item=LGESS10_esscommonPVpv1power label="PV1 Power"
            Default icon="energy" item=LGESS10_esscommonPVpv2power label="PV2 Power"
            Default icon="energy" item=LGESS10_esscommonPVpv3power label="PV3 Power"
        Default icon="energy" item=LGESS10_esscommonPVtodaypvgenerationsum label="Gesammte Erzeugung (W)"
        Default icon="poweroutlet" label="Aktueller Verbrauch (W)" item=LGESS10_esscommonLOADloadpower
        Default icon="battery" label="Akku S0C (%)" item=LGESS10_esscommonBATTsoc

The Item LGESS10_esscommonPVcurrentpower is just an number item which is adjusted in the rules, if one of the other three power items changes. In Items and usual OpenHab Gui it shows the value well, but not in the Sitemap. If I try the same with one of the three items, it works, but not with the one which is used to calculate all three together… Why is it not showing the Value in Sitemap??

Thanks a lot!

You haven’t asked it to do that?

       Text icon="energy" item=LGESS10_esscommonPVcurrentpower label="Aktuelle Erzeugung (W) [%d]" {

You can give different [state descriptions], you can also give them to the Item instead of in the sitemap.

Items linked to channels may get a state description auto-suggested by the binding.

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Cool, it works, thanks! :smiley: :+1: