OH3 Sitemap Setpoint extremely slow


I previously used the latest android app already with OH2.5 and simply c&p’ed my Sitemap file for now.

For one item handling the volume of my speakers I’m using the Setpoint element. Unfortunately, clicking the up or down arrow is extremely slow. It takes around 2 seconds until that’s updated and repeated clicking on the arrows is not possible. Therefore, changing the volume fast is impossible now, while that was no issue when using the OH 2.5 sitemap.

When I’m calling this OH3 sitemap via a normal browser on my desktop I don’t have these delays, so I assume it’s somehow related to the Android app and have no clue how to fix/optimize it.

I’ve seen this issue before when quickly changing Setpoint items with the array up/down and the server responds too slow.
You could use the number picker at Setpoint items or use a slider.

The weird thing is it works in the browser on a desktop very smooth. So I assumed it’s not server related.

Basic UI directly runs on the server and uses other APIs than the app. Also the desktop may have better/more reliable connection to the server.

Btw this is fixed since updating to OH 3.1

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