OH3 SmartMeter some MeterValues are missing

I am new to OpenHub 3 and I did not use openhub 2.
I would like to read my electricity meter with openhub.
In connection with the SmartMeter, I also get some values ​​displayed, but not all.
The whole thing runs on a PI with IR on USB.

The log file (var / log / openhab / openhab.log) shows the following values


Obis: 1-0:1.8.0255 MeterValue [obis=1-0:1.8.0255, value=023399.9703, unit=null]
Obis: 1-0:21.7.0255 MeterValue [obis=1-0:21.7.0255, value=+00141, unit=W]
Obis: 1-0:31.7.0255 MeterValue [obis=1-0:31.7.0255, value=000.68, unit=A]
Obis: 1-0:32.7.0255 MeterValue [obis=1-0:32.7.0255, value=232.28, unit=V]

The values ​​with unit not equal to null are processed or output by Openhab,
but the values with unit=null not.

In the influxdb there are only tables for values ​​with a unit other than null

Does anyone know a way to save these missing values ​​as well.

How did you define the items? And what binding are you using? It might be that the unit is wrong.

Ps, it’s openhab, not openhub.

Thanks for the answer
I have created a smart meter under thinks, which also shows me all available channels.

I think the channel is once a string, whenever it is NULL
and Number: ElectricPotential whenever a value is supplied.
Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to adjust the settings in the channel

1-0_1-8 -0_255 (String)
Value for OBIS code: 1-0:1.8.0
255 with Unit: null
1-0:1.8.0*255 String . Point
SmartMeter_10180255 NULL

1-0:2 1.7.0255
1_0_21-7-0_255 (Number:Power)
Value for OBIS Code 1-0:21.7.0
255 with Unit: W

1-0:21.7.0*255 Number:Power · Point
SmartMeter_1021170255 959.00W

I installed smartmeter binding but didn’t use it, I have to see how it works

You needed the binding to create a “smart meter thing”. Otherwise it would not have been possible.

What kind of meter do you have?
What happens when you add a new item with type number to the channel? See here, sting item might not work.

Dear Tuny,
thanks for the answer, it helped a lot.
The values ​​are now displayed.
I had already experimented a little with the Fritzbox and the google calendar, but the items were always ready after the installation, so I never got the idea to create one myself (beginner).
Thanks again to all the helpers.

Just a short question afterwards, is there a how-to on the subject of smart meters to electricity meters?

I don’t know what that means. Can you specify your question?

I was looking for a manual for smart meters and this obis conversion, since it looked similar to you in the screenshot, I was hoping to see how the page could look like (ideas for designing).
In the meantime I have established that open hab has a lot of possibilities and you have read the documentation, there is a lot in it, so rtfm
Sorry for my english, but the google translator helps me.
Many Thanks