OH3: Some questions for the new UI


I installed the the 3.0.0~S1935 version of OH3 on my test-system today.

I’m still try to find where i can enable the “dark mode” which is shown here: wiki-building-pages-in-the-oh3-ui-documentation-draft-1-3

Can somebody guide me to the menu where to activate the dark mode ?

And i’m not sure if it is a bug or just me, but the icons for my lightbulbs are not changing with the state of the switch (grey when OFF and yellow when ON)

Just click on “Help & About” there you will find all the options.


Thank you,

I would never have thought to look in the Help and About menu …

It might be a bit irritating, but as this is a per device setting, you won’t find it in the settings menu.


I assume you mean per web client device.

I had to read that several times to get the proper meaning & logic.

As the new UI is accessed as webapp, it is one web client per device, so setting for each device individually.


I’m not sure if this is the correct place to put this observation, so if not I’m happy to start a new thread.

I am test driving OH3 and so far things are going well, with just a strange observation / bug.

When using HabPanel in OH3 I can place and edit any of the built in widgets, but if I import a widget I can’t edit it to add the Item data.
(The Widget design editor seems to be fine)

How do you import widgets?


Yeah, the same way I have been with OH2’s HabPanel


I’ve just had a quick play around again.

So yes,

I imported the widget the traditional way and can place it in the design / layout for each dashboard panel, but clicking on the Edit option (top right corner, along with Copy & delete) does nothing.

If I edit the JSON file in the HabPanel editor, the widget works perfectly.
(When I know which instance of the widget is which)

Perhaps you should file an issue on GitHub.

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