OH3 - Sonos Move, Battery channel not present

openHab 3.0.1 @ Linux version 5.4.0-65-generic

Dear all,

I added a new Sonos Move speaker to the network. It was detected by openHab and I can control it via UI. But as the device is battery powered I would like to see the battery level. According to the sonos binding documentation page this channel should be present for a sonos Move (advanced checkbox checked).

The thing:

UID: sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_48A6B8EEAF2C01400
label: Sonos Move (Sonos Move)
thingTypeUID: sonos:zoneplayer
  refresh: 60
  udn: RINCON_48A6B8EEAF2C01400
  notificationTimeout: 20

Is it possible to get the battery channel? Is the thing aware that it is a Move, or is it just a generic sonos device and this is the problem.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: .

with kind regards,

My players are autodiscovered as sonos:play1.... (since a couple of years), IMHO zoneplayer was used before I started using openHAB.
How did you make the move to OH3? Using an old setup (with things files?) ? Or did autodiscovery find them all?
Which sonos binding are you using (version#)?

This is a new installation of OH 3.0.1, the binding is:

225 │ Active │  80 │ 3.0.1                   │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Sonos Binding

The players were all automatically discovered.

In this case I have no clue! Sorry.

:slight_smile: np, thanks anyhow

I think it was implemented by me later. Try version 3.1M2.

Thank you for you reply and your work on this great binding! I’ll wait for the 3.1 release then - as I would like to keep my system on a stable branch.

with kind regards,