OH3 - Stepper-Item sendFrequency

actually i am going to migrate my OH2-System to OH3, most things are fine so far and i really, really the new OH3! So at first i would like to thank everybody, who is/was working on it.

A little thing that i am missing actually is to customize the send frequency of the stepper item for the new main ui. In my “old” sitemap i could specify the value like this:

Slider item=HM_WZ_Heizung_SetTemp label="Ziel [%.1f °C]" icon="temperature" sendFrequency=2000 minValue=4.5 maxValue=30 step=0.5

Maybe i just didnt find the option by now. It would be great if someone could help me to adjust the value for the new ui.

I’m not sure that has ever been implemented in any UI except ClassicUI, no longer in OH3.

Thanks for your reply.
I just found another solution: I set a delay for sending commands at the homematic channel.

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