OH3 Temperature Item with Onewire channel and KNX channel with follow set does not work


I am migrating from OH2.5 to OH 3.

In OH2.5 I used the following item definition

Number	tmpStudy	 { channel="onewire:basic:383a75c6:28_984CDE030000:temperature",                                                       
                                   channel="knx:device:bridge:DEV203:Ch203F_ist" [profile="follow"]

which sends temperature update from onewire to knx as expected.

In OH3 I made the same config through the GUI and set the follow property for the link to the knx channel. The item gets updates nicely from onewire, but nothing is forwarded to knx.
The KNX channel channel is defined as “number” (tried number-control also) with the right Group Address. All other KNX channels work perfectly.

Any suggestions?

But what does it get updated with? Units of measurement now involved? KNX cannot handle that yet.

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Thank you, changed the item type and it works again.

What did you change?

Changed the channel from temperature to number

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I have it as a number and still cannot see OH being able to send any data over KNX bus via this channel. The Input value coming from KNX bus updates the item without any issues.

do you have a write flag enabled on the Knox group device?

Yes I do. It does not come out of the KNX bridge. It seams it is a conversion problem when linking homekit temp item to KNX nubmer item. When I send any explicit value via rule it works.

It’d really help to give actual examples of what you send and what you see.