OH3 Thermostat Mode Mapping for google assistent


I installed OH3 and trying to configure thermostat, namely the the mappiing of modes heat, on, off, eco and so on.

In documentation I found following description

To map the default thermostat modes of Google 
(opens new window)(on, off, heat, cool, etc.) to custom ones for your specific setup, 
you can use the modes config option on the thermostat group. 
E.g. [ modes="off=OFF:WINDOW_OPEN,heat=COMFORT:BOOST,eco=ECO,on=ON,auto" ]

I gues like this

Number ThermostatMode "Mode" (g_Thermostat) { ga="thermostatMode"  [ modes="off=15,heat=23,eco=19,on=21,auto=15"]}

But I do not find any place in GUI where I can enter this mapping. I tried it by editing Methadata, like this, but after saving “mode:…” disapears. config-Property is empty.

Is it right way, what do I wrong? I wont edit configuration files under /etc/openhab, I’m trying to configure it using gui in order to have all in one place.



I was wrong. The format of config is YAML and not JSON as I thought. and the mapping should be entered by the group and not by Mode-point.


remaining some minor problems but it is not very critical. One thing is that google assistant interface have more modes than I need. And second problem i can not setup range

This config property seems to be ignored. In the config (see above) is there, but neither google assistant uses it, nor on overview is that there

thermostatTemperatureRange: 17,23