OH3 TR-064 binding missing channels


I’ve installed OH3 latest snapshot (Build #2047) on a virtual machine with unbutu 20.04.
I’ve succesfully installed and configured the TR-064 binding (the thing is online) but all I can see are these 3 channels


Is that normal for the actual development state of the binding?

My router is a 7530 with the latest firmware 7.21.

ps. During configuration the binding tried to reach out for fritz.box instead of the IP I put in the setting…as the virtual machine was unable to resolve the name, it went on error:

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.net.UnknownHostException: fritz.box to UNKNOWN

Should this be preported as a bug? In my opinion if you ask for the router IP in the settings…then it should be used for every call instead of the “fritz.box”. By now I’ve solved it by putting an entry on the VM hosts file.


Other channel are conncted to the virtual devices. Please do a rescan for this binding and you will see those virtual devices in your inbox.

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Thank you very much!

Maybe a stupid question, but for me a re-scan ist unable too find any sub-device beside thsese two guys:

The documentation ist talking about subdevice and subdeviceLan:

For subdeviceLan devices (type is detected automatically during discovery) the parameter macOnline can be defined. It adds a channel for each MAC (format 11:11:11:11:11:11) that shows the online status of the respective device. This is an optional parameter and multiple values are allowed.

Since I want too use mobile phones for presence detection I wonder, how to set it up? I tried it already within the manual way, but fail on specifying the UUID.
I am using daily snapshot, currently 2075.

You should automatically see a LANDevice - FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable with the following config options:

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Thanks for the hint, found the LANdevice, added two MAC adresses:

and in channels I can see the two switches, I was looking for.


Thank you very much, appreciate it.


Hello everybody,

how can it be done via things file? I tried a lot of stuff, but failed :frowning: As far i’ve seen macOnline parameter need to be a list, but i found no valid syntax for things file. Additionally, i tried to define channels extra, but they are simply ignored.



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@alexxio Hi Alessio, how did you get it online? I always get a “Name or service not known to UNKNOWN” error:
Host is a IP address and username and password is working when I login via the website.
Any thoughts?

I solved forcing the dns resolution of the name fritz.box in the file hosts of the openhab server

In linux you must edit this file: /etc/hosts

If you are on windows the file is here: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

You must add this line :

YOUR.ROUTER.IP fritz.box

So for example if your fritzbox has IP the line should look like this: fritz.box

With this modification your openhab server can resolve the name fritz.box to the specified ip.

edit: In my opinion it’s a bug…because if you don’t use the router as DNS you cannot resolve that name…and I don’t see why the binding is asking for the router IP and then ignores it trying to resolve it by its own.

@alexxio Great, this was a quick change :slight_smile: and it works!!!
Yes in my opinion it looks like a bug as well, if not you do not need the Host field :wink:
Thanks again!

Please open an issue on github, otherwise this never gets fixed. Thanks.

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Hi guys,

my channels have been discovered automatically, but I would like to get the channel and link it by putting it into my *.items file.
On the UI Linking page I have a channel of this kind, but it does not work:


Your text is not the same as I’ve found in my case. I noticed that some times the UI does not show the full name of the channels (some times colons are replaced by an underscore some others by “_3A”).
You can find more info in the posts of this thread.

Thanks Lionello,

I had troubles seeing the full channel, because even my 4k display was not able to fit it into the screen :wink:
So with the full channel it’s working!
Just check the channel details and double click the channel to fully select it.

Again, thanks for your quick response.

FYI I’ve opened an issue on github for the name resolution problem:

I think I was a bit late to open it…it’s been Fixed in #9454


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