OH3, Turn off all lights using Groups and MainUI


I am trying to port over my OH2 sitemap to the new UI. In OH2 sitemap i had the following definition,

        Frame label="Lights" {
                Switch item=gLights mappings=[OFF="All Off", ON="All On"]

and an item definition like so,

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gLights "All Lights"

How can i mimic my sitemap in Openhab newUI/Pages?


An Item is an Item whether it’s a Group or a Switch. You will create a widget and configure it to send a command to the Item when clicked. You can change the label of the Item to “All Off” or “All On” based on the state of the Item. Or you can keep the toggle widget. Or you can construct a widget with one or two buttons.

There are lots of options. But you’ll want to start with reviewing Pages - Introduction | openHAB and the pages under User Interface Guide in the docs, in particular User Interface Design Overview | openHAB, Layout Pages | openHAB, and Building Pages - Components & Widgets | openHAB.