OH3 UI Examples and Tutorials

Are there any good tutorials on designing pages/widgets using the new system?
I have been told it’s Framework7, but that is not formatted in YAML, so I’m guessing this is some sort of custom format.
Is it a fully functional YAML front end or just a subset?
I’ve found a bit of documentation on this forum, so can make a vague start, but I have no idea what the capabilities of the OH3 implementation are.


I have no tutorial recommendation, but if you look here, [wiki] Building Pages in the OH3 UI: documentation draft (2/3) - #181 by RGroll, there is a link given to a self-made widget proposed by @RGroll. The YAML source code one helped me to understand how one can create own widgets based on oh-cell as a base and oh- and f7-elements.

Give it a try until a formal doc documentation is online…

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