OH3 UI slow on Android app

I use Android Tablets as Wall-Panels. With Habpanel, they all performed fine.
I recently switched from Habpanel to the OH3 MainUI on those tablets. Now the tablets performance is really slow when changing to a different PAGE on the UI. Is this a general issue?

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what version are you using? I noticed it was slow after installing RC1 but did not test 3.2m5 so not sure if it is new on my system.

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I am on 3.2.0 M5.
What I found was that the Android App performs ok on my System, as long as you stay within one PAGE. Every PAGE change takes multiple seconds, I think the duration is dependent on the complexity of the target PAGE.
The duration also depends a bit on the power of the Android device. On my Galaxy Tab 7+, it is a bit faster than on my “Dragontouch” budget devices.
Those Dragontouch devices had worked fine though with Habpanel in the past.

I found that everything is superfast on iOS (regardless of which browser you use) (tested on iPhone 11).


same to me. I’m on 3.1.1 and I’m using different clients from win10 machines to android. As the pages are getting bigger, the performance when changing a page get’s very low. I’m looking forward to 3.2 release, hopefully the Javascript code will be faster than in 3.1.

Nope, same behavior in 3.2…

Has anybody seen an improvement in the meantime. Any improvement with 3.3 Milestone?
My pages are almost unuseable on my Android Wall tablets - still on 3.2. Stable.

I got a new Android phone and it is not slow on this but still slow on the tablet. It may be that an old tablet does not support what is needed. If it can be fixed by turning a feature off or installing an update to enable accelerations in the tablet I don’t know. Best to contact the person that develops the app. I have not looked into it as I don’t use the tablet past basic testing and very rarely.