OH3 UI3 Items

Hallo, i have some items not listed in things because because I needed variables to calculate some values.
Now i want to show the calculated values on UI3 but i notice that only things can be chosen.
Did I say the wrong thing or is it possible?

The MainUI can show all types of items.
If you use automatically created cards, then you need to have a proper semantic definition on your manually created items.

If you create a widget by yourself, then you can use any item thats available.
But without knowing the details of your item and what exactly you want to do in the UI (whats working & whats not working) it is hard to guess.

At the bottom of the items page, there’s a checkbox saying “show non-semantic”. If you enable it, you should see also all items that do not have any semantic property.

but it definitely would help if you’d tell where exactly you want to display something.

Ok. Thanks. I found the item i’m searching for but i had to create a model page with many of these. I m reading on internet how to…

Thanks for sharing this post i was having same question and still confused can someone share in detail.

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