OH3: Unable to start HABPanel

I am using OH3 Snapshot 2028 and I would like to use HABPanel.
Unfortunately when I go into HABPanel I only get the following error:

The problem is that I cannot find any option in the main UI to do these settings.
Could please anyone point me into the right direction? Thank you!

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Ok, meanwhile I could solve this myself. Perhaps it helps others when I post my solution.

The problem seems to be browser dependent. I can not get Happanel to start with Firefox.
However with Chrome it works but only if you first login to OH3 main UI and then choose the alternative UIs on the right hand side:

Starting Happanel from there with Chrome then opens up the possibility to edit or load dashboards:


But even after having defined a dashboard and saving the Habpanel config it still did not show up in Firefox and also not in the OpenHab Android App:


The trick is to mark the Habpanel configuration with the small star in the Browser. Clicking on the star symbol right to the description of the configuration changes the filling of the star to a solid fill:

Once this is done Habpanel can also be used with Firefox and the Android App.