OH3: Units

Hello, I’m playing with OH3 right now. How do I get the unit to the value in the graphical configuration? You have to tell the item which unit it has. How do I do that? In the screenshot °C is missing!?

Add Metadata -> State Description -> Pattern -> %.1f °C

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Thank you very much!

Weird that you didn’t get the unit automatically since it’s a Number:Temperature item? :thinking:

%.1f %unit% works also

How do you know it is Number:Temperature??
I have several temperature items i added from textual definitions that do not show ‘°C’
but are Measurement, Temperature semantic-wise

changed some of them to Number:Temperature but that broke the rule to update my MagicMirror :frowning_face: calling a URL with special chars isn’t the best idea

If you see @Sebastian_Neu screenshot, it is a Number:Temperature Item (you might have to zoom in)

Thanks @hmerk, guess i need new glasses :open_mouth:

so i stand corrected

Thanks for the Hint with the Metadata, but it´s a bit confusing, because the Unit is shown on the Items Page and when you click the Item the unit is gone without the Metadata.

And on the Locations Page the Units are shown on the Location, but when you click the Card the units are gone again. This is all without Metadata.
On the Card at the Temparature Unit the C is missing und the shown Value is the average of the 2 Temperature Items displayed in the Card.

Is this as it should be?

Jumping on this because I’m also having trouble with the Units.
What about humidity?
There’s no “number: humidity” so I pick either number or number: dimensionless but I get no “%”. How does one for the % in this case?

In the thing:

I don’t have that option at all.
I’m using a xiaomi gateway with xiaomi sensors, what’s sensors do you have?

What channel type is the binding offering you?

Not sure, does this help?

I am using sonoff TH16 and they use MQTT.

Yes,it tells you the ‘Humidity’ channel is a Number:Dimensionless type (as is expected).
For best results, link to a Number:Dimensionless type Item.
Point/Measurement stuff is just about semantics and doesn’t affect this.

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