[OH3] UPnP/DLNA binding: UPnP device not yet registered

I installed successfully the binding and added my mediaserver as UPNP server thing. It was online, I tested it. And it is after restart of openHAB. But then after a little while it falls asleep and the thing returns
UPnP device with UDN […] not yet registered

any ideas how to avoid that?

I had same problem. I am running docker. My solution was to move openhab to a VM. So my docker container is running in a VM. I had a bunch of other services on the same server openhab was running on. So by isolating it within a VM in network mode bridge it started working.

That’s interesting! I have a very similar problem over here. I moved from a VM installation in OH2 to a Docker based installation in OH3.
First, Sonos worked without problems but a few weeks back all Sonos things went offline and I can’t get the online again.

With your comment, I think I have to go through the services and containers again to see what has changed a few weeks back.

Any pointers what ports / services are interfering with Sonos would be helpful though.

I tried to shutdown everything besides openhab but it didn’t help. So I just tested it in a VM first and got it working with the sonos binding. Then I just moved all my config to the VM instead. So I can’t really help you out which service it was. I haven’t tested but my guess is nr of virtual adapters docker sets up causes it. But it is just a guess. I had unifi controller as well but I tried shutting the container down. Didn’t help either.

Thanks anyway!
I had the unifi controller installed in Ubuntu as a service. I went ahead and migrated it to a docker container. The docker container has its’ own network and does not expose port 1900.
Still, Sonos won’t come online :angry:

I want to add some more info about this. Actually when running docker with multiple docker containers wich in turn creates docker networks caused this error. If I removed all networks it would run without any problem! So this shoud be considered a bug in openhab because it is reproducable from my side. I will report it anyways.