OH3 variable in simple ui rule

Is it possible to create the following simple rule with only the rule ui (without any code):
If item1 received command
then Item2 sendCommand receivedCommand

I don’t know how to use the variable receivedCommand in the ui rule editor.


If you create a rule in MainUI then click on

add action
Item action
pick item
send a command to

otherwise click on

add action

I know how to script a rule - but I’m looking for an easy way to use the mainui.
It’s easy to send an ON or OFF command.
But what is the syntax to send the received value?

I don’t want to use one rule for ON and another for OFF…

As far as I know this is not possible at the moment but I agree that this would be great improvement for UI based rules. Right now even my really simple rules use a script action due to the fact that no input from the trigger can be mapped.

However I know that this not an easy task to solve this in the UI. Especially when you use multiple different triggers it can get pretty complex…

I don’t get it. receivedCommand is the implicit variable for ON or OFF.
If you want to launch different actions based on receivedCommand then you can use IF in runscript action.

but that answer seems to be too easy, and I think I do not get your question.

If I’m using “receivedCommand” in a ui-created rule, it’s not resolved as implicit variable.
So my question is if there’s a special format like {{receivedCommand}} or $receivedCommand to declare the string as a variable.

It will be - but in a script section. Once you start talking about variables, implicit or not, you need to be in a script section.