OH3 Vista20p Ademco Binding - unable to disable chimemode

Having trouble with the Ademco Binding for OH3 when trying to disable Chime Mode.

The odd thing is that ChimeMode can be enabled with the binding just fine. So it leads me to question is the correct command being sent by the binding?

Below is the debug output. The on command receives an ACK where as the off never does and the state never changes:

  • Item ‘Partition1_PartitionChimeMode’ changed from ON to OFF
    14:15:10.365 [DEBUG] [ternal.handler.PartitionBridgeHandler] - Sending XXXX1
    14:15:10.365 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.EnvisalinkBridgeHandler] - write(): “12341”
    14:15:10.366 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.EnvisalinkBridgeHandler] - Wait For ACK
    14:15:10.830 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.EnvisalinkBridgeHandler] - read(): “%00,01,1C28,08,00, DISARMED CHIME Ready to Arm $”
    14:15:10.831 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.EnvisalinkBridgeHandler] - Command 0 received
    14:15:10.831 [DEBUG] [ernal.handler.EnvisalinkBridgeHandler] - got input 01,1C28,08,00, DISARMED CHIME Ready to Arm
    14:15:10.832 [DEBUG] [ternal.handler.PartitionBridgeHandler] - Decoding lastMessage: DISARMED CHIME Ready to Arm
    14:15:10.832 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘Partition1_PartitionChimeMode’ changed from OFF to ON

Environment details:
OH3 in Docker container
Envisalink 4
Ademco Binding manually installed

The updated jar file is from this form discussion: Openhab and Envisalink Vista / Honeywell Alarm - #49 by eusblh