OH3 vs OH 2.x BasicUI behavior change / display issue

Hi! Sorry for all the spamming, lots of messages and questions from me at the moment since I’m doing heavy configuration work and still getting used to OH3.

I realized it’d be way quicker to just stick with BasicUI in OH3 for now, and worry about making a pretty UI later.

For the most part, this has gone very well, but I came across one issue.

I have a Homie device with an Enum property, which OH sees as a String.

I’ve used this Homie device in OH2 with BasicUI for a couple of years now.

In my sitemap, it’s defined like this:

Frame label="Pool"
	Switch item=PoolLightsOn label="Pool Lights" icon="flow"
	Switch item=PoolLightMode label="Mode" mappings=["ORIGINALRAINBOW"="Original Rainbow", "PRIDE"="Pride", "CYLON"="Cylon", "HEAT"="Heat"]
	Switch item=PoolLightMode label="Mode" mappings=["RAINBOWSTRIPE"="Rainbow Stripe", "BLACKWHITE"="Black & White", "THAILAND"="Thailand"]
	Switch item=PoolLightMode label="Mode" mappings=["FOREST"="Forest", "LAVA"="Lava", "PARTY"="Party", "CLOUD"="Cloud", "OCEAN"="Ocean"]
	Switch item=PoolLightMode label="Mode" mappings=["WHITE"="White", "RED"="Red", "GREEN"="Green", "BLUE"="Blue", "CYAN"="Cyan"]
	Switch item=PoolLightMode label="Mode" mappings=["PURPLE"="Purple", "MAGENTA"="Magenta", "PINK"="Pink", "CUSTOM"="Custom"]
	Colorpicker item=PoolLightColor label="Custom Color"

In OH2.5 BasicUI it shows up like this:

But, in OH3 BasicUI it shows up like this:

The current string is being displayed, even though [%s] is not part of the label definition!

How do I make it not do that? :slight_smile:

Switch item=PoolLightMode label="Mode []" ...
suppresses state display in sitemap.

The change is in the Item default ‘pattern’ metadata, which did not exist in OH2.

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Thank you! That did it.

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