OH3: WebUI (?) error


I’m not sure on if this is a configuration error on my side or a bug.

Using OH3 3.0.0~S1983-1 on a RP3

When clicking on Location Tab on the Overview landing page I get the following error in the browser console - nothing happens on the Location page.

app.js:7 TypeError: Cannot read property 'item' of undefined
    at i.parentLocationName (app.js:20)
    at app.js:20
    at i.yt [as _l] (app.js:7)
    at i.<anonymous> (app.js:20)
    at i.e._render (app.js:7)
    at i.a (app.js:7)
    at hn.get (app.js:7)
    at new hn (app.js:7)
    at app.js:7
    at i.Sn.$mount (app.js:7)

Pretty printed app.js line numbers:

app.js:formatted:5961 TypeError: Cannot read property 'item' of undefined
    at i.parentLocationName (app.js:formatted:67072)
    at app.js:formatted:67093
    at i.yt [as _l] (app.js:formatted:6210)
    at i.<anonymous> (app.js:formatted:67084)
    at i.e._render (app.js:formatted:7353)
    at i.a (app.js:formatted:9033)
    at hn.get (app.js:formatted:6834)
    at hn.run (app.js:formatted:6888)
    at pn (app.js:formatted:6773)
    at Array.<anonymous> (app.js:formatted:6006)

I have tried to iterate over my items using RestAPI to identify any errors, but no success yet. Also I tried to set up a completely clean install of OH3 on another device and believe I still got this error.

Anyone pint me in the right direction, or should this be filed as a bug in GitHub?

Are there any elements/widgets used on the location-page?

I did not get these errors on that page, but haven´t placed any elements there yet. Some widgets (including the weather one, I posted earlier this week) could produce those errors, if any of the elements isn´t configured properly.

I don’t think I can add any elements to that page at all - to my understanding it should be autogenerated like the Equipment and Properties tabs from the Model/Semantics.

If you click on the page it just does not show anything but if you open the inspector you can see the console errors.

You are right - too early. Sry. :slight_smile:

But my understanding is, that these locations gets generated by the locations set in the *.things file / or the UI. But doesn´t see anything there, even if I do so.

And still don´t get any errors… hmm.

Maybe @ysc has an idea whats missing here.

This looks like one of your Location items has a ‘isPartOf’ reference to a parent Location that doesn’t exist (anymore).
You probably can’t see it in the model because the hierarchy is likely broken. In the Items page, check your locations - you can search for Location - and in the details pages, look if you have a “isPartOf” under “Semantic Classification”, and if so, check that the referenced Group exists. One of them is probably missing.

Once you’ve fixed the problem the cards should appear in the Locations tab on the home page if you have at least a Equipment (with a specialized class, not just “Equipment”) with a least a Point, or a Point directly below the location.

Should translate to this:

(This feature hasn’t received much love, and doesn’t work that well…)

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EQUPIMENTS?! Who put the ‘s’ on it. Seriously

This looks promising, actually I had a hard time wrapping my head around the use of points directly below a location.

There is not too much examples on this on the semantic topics around and I actually thought that would be bending the usage a bit. However this makes perfectly sense to me on a lot of the sensors that should be directly related to a location - like temperature and motion etc. This is much like how the iOS Home app presents those as well if I understand it correctly. Up until now I always had a group representing the sensor item.

However I have a hard time spotting the item breaking my config - I have about 200 items… I tried a few RestAPI queries to get the list out to avoid clicking through all of them.

Any pointers on how to query the item-endpoint to list out this? (GET /items). I tried isPartOf and HasLocation as metadata and looking at the GroupNames but no luck…

Yes you can click the first line on the stack trace of the error that you get. (with app.js pretty printed as you’ve already done).
Next you right click on the line number (67072), select “Conditional breakpoint” in the menu, and type
as the expression.


then hit Return, the line number should highlight in yellow.

Then go to another tab in the app and go back to Locations, it should pause at the breakpoint before the error occurs. Then in the console you just have to type e.name and there’s your culprit:

Don’t forget to remove the breakpoint afterwards to avoid headaches.


So is my understanding right that the pages Location Equipment and Properties should be genarated automtically from the model?

I never had any entry in these pages :frowning:

I am on build 1983 an experiecing currently problem with the display of model and items

There is no s, it should be equipment:

Equipment is singular but it is a collective noun. The noun equipment can be countable or uncountable. The plural of equipment is just equipment.

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:grin: Who cares about the s wheater with out without s no equipment ist displayed :grin:

Created issue to fix the spelling of Equipment:


Thanks, I’m circling in on it!

I got the cards on Locations back by disconnecting all 1. level sublocations from the top location. Adding one and one back it seems to fail on several of my “sublocations” when I add them one by one back in the hierarchy.

Given this model setup the Location tab works fine:

So Livingroom, Corridor and Outdoor seems to be failing.

Looking at livingroom separately I just don’t get how it is working as a “top level” location and not as a sublocation of another.

Having LivingRoom as a root node works fine, putting it below another node seems to be failing.


Here I used the restapi to query it while failing and below the Hasselbakken -> FirstFloor node.
(At the same time answering the RestAPI question for others, using metadata = semantics will show isPartOf)

    "metadata": {
      "semantics": {
        "value": "Location_Indoor_Room_LivingRoom",
        "config": {
          "isPartOf": "FirstFloor"
    "name": "LivingRoom"

Seems like adding in Living Room anywhere below root will make locations fail.

Huh. TIL, I suppose!
(disclaimer: in my language “équipement” is a substantive and “équipements” is a perfectly valid form)
Thanks for reporting this in a less obnoxious way @ranielsen :slight_smile:


I think I’ve found the problem now.

The Locations tab will break if a part of the model is tagged directly with Location and not a subclass of Location. Switching it to e.g Indoor will fix it.

I built my model on the top level logic that Openhab would cover several locations - that was probably a bit ambitious and probably not valid either. But worth some input if anyone has any pointers.

Thinking that my “OpenHAB setup” should cover both our home and the cabin eventually I wanted a structure like this:

Home property

  • Main house
    – Floor1
    — Room1
    — …
    – Floor2
    – …
  • Shed
  • Outdoor

Cabin property

  • Main cabin
    – Floor1
    — Room1
    — …
    – Floor2
  • Guest house
  • Outdoor

I thought then that according to the Brick Model that I could tag the properties with the Location class, but this probably won’t work.

What would be the right way to tag a “Property” according to my intentions here?

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