OH3 Where is Zwave scan button?

Sorry for the stupid question but I can’t find the scan button to change the controller to inclusion mode.
(I looked in the docs but it didn’t help :frowning: )

Ahiel, you did not state which version of OH you have.

For OH3.0 you may login to the admin GUI, go to “Configuration” and select “Things”. Click on the blue button with the “+”-sign on it on the lower right corner of the screen. You will see a list of installed bindings, choose “Z-Wave Binding”. On the next screen there is a blue Button “Scan” on the top of the page, click it and the controller is in inclusion mode.


Thank you!!
(BTW the first word in the topic is the version…)

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Not really there are now the following:
3.1.0 Milestone 1
3.1.0 Milestone 2 ( I think)
3.1.0 Shapshot builds.

Any or all could be considered OH3. :wink:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Oops :flushed: Sorry, did not see that.

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