OH3 widgetOrder issue/question

I have the following items with widgetOrder 1,2,3 but are shown in a different order.
Do I something wrong or is this a bug?

// Electra
Number:Power                ElektraActueelLevering          "Lev./actueel"                  <energy>    (BG_Meterkast)      ["Measurement","Power"]         {channel="remoteopenhab:server:192_168_100_95:ElektraHuidigLevering", widgetOrder = "4"}
Number:Power                ElektraActueelVerbruik          "Ver./actueel"                  <energy>    (BG_Meterkast)      ["Measurement","Power"]         {channel="remoteopenhab:server:192_168_100_95:ElektraHuidigVerbruik", widgetOrder = "5"}

// Totalen voor electra berekeningen
Number:Energy               ElectraLeveringPerDagReference  "Lev./dag ref [%.3f kWh]"
Number:Energy               ElectraVerbruikPerDagReference  "Ver./dag ref [%.3f kWh]"
Number:Energy               ElectraLeveringPerDag           "Lev./dag [%.3f kWh]"           <energy>   (BG_Meterkast)      ["Measurement","Power"] { widgetOrder = "1"}
Number:Energy               ElectraVerbruikPerDag           "Ver./dag [%.3f kWh]"           <energy>   (BG_Meterkast)      ["Measurement","Power"] { widgetOrder = "2"}
Number:Energy               ElectraAbsoluutPerDag           "Huisv./dag [%.3f kWh]"         <energy>   (BG_Meterkast)      ["Measurement","Power"] { widgetOrder = "3"}

The list above is not complete but I like to focus on item 3 what is not shown as 3

This is a known issue, that I don’t think has been addressed yet:

The easiest solution at the moment, just seems to be start your numbering at 10.

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Thanks Justin. This did the job.