OH3 with diyhue setup - led strip is not switchable


I’m trying to set-up controlling my diyhue led strip with openhab. ATM, I got it working with the hue essentials app and I’m able to turn off and on the led strips and in addition, I’m able to change the colors.

OH3 found the newly added diyHue bridge and was able (like hue-bindings) to find my led strip right away. The issue here is that I’m not able to turn on and off the led strip, only change its colors.

This is the code of the led thing:

UID: hue:0200:b827eb7be397:1
label: Hue SK6812 strip 1
thingTypeUID: hue:0200
  fadetime: 400
  lightId: "1"
bridgeUID: hue:bridge:b827eb7be397

My other smart lightbulbs are thingTypeUID: 220 and not 200. Which actually makes sense because they have the channel “brightness” and I’m able to control whether they are on or off.

When trying to edit the thingTypeUID to 200, I get an error that this action is not supported.

How should I approach this? Should I add a brightness channel manually? If so, how?
Should I change the thingTypeUID?


What channel are you linking the On/Off switch item to?

According to the docs the 0200 supports only the color channel (On/Off should be linked to that).

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