OH3: WLED binding shows

Just installed the newest OH3 stable version with the WLED binding.
In the inbox, I see a thing with a strange IP address:

When I try to remove the thing, I get:
The usual logfiles don’t show an error. Any idea what I could do to get rid of this thing in the inbox?


I have a similar error, but mine is the same IP as one of my working WLED setups. Everything works as it should, so i just left it.

You can use the ignore feature to hide it from the inbox results.
The mDNS must be getting a result back for that to display, the trace log would help diagnose why.

Out of interest, @Adrian_Hills are you using textual config to add the thing?

No Not using textual config. I have been using the milestones and previous version of wled without issue until WLED was added then I removed the previous version from the addons folder and this entry turned up. Can’t remove it or ignore it, but it is also not causing any issues apart from showing in the inbox

Then that explains it for you. During the review and merge process the binding was changed to detect and only show one entry for a MAC address wled. If you added thing with an older binding it would not have the MAC address stored in the thing. If you delete and re add the thing that should fix it.

Well that fixed it, thanks

I stopped following the migration path as I had many, many various problems. Now I’m setting up a fresh, clean OH3.0 instance and the error is gone. Thanks!

For the records: It showed up again and it’s being discussed here as well:

I have OH3 installed and Wled latest version 13 installed, and i have this very issue. The mailbox has WLED@ and it will not let me add it, or delete it or ignore it. If i manually add the thing it does not work, when i try and add it to my model under create equipment from thing it won’t let me check it in the list that pops up. The device is on the network but i cannot added it to oh3 and its stuck with this constant in the inbox