OH3.x in docker on QNAP - not working with USB (zwave stick)

Until now, I have been running my OpenHab installation in a virtual debian linux on my QNAP NAS, running Virtualization Station. My install include a AEONTEC zwave USB stick. All is well with this setup - except for the use of resources on the NAS and need to keep the linux current.

I have been wanting to move to Docker - which I am already confident with for other purposes.
However, I simply cannot get my OH in docker to “see” my zwave USB stick.
I am using portainer for docker management - and have mapped /dev/ttyACM0 correctly under devices - but no connection in docker. I have also made the suggested CHOWN rights change to /dev/ttyACM0 through SSH’ing directly on the NAS (outside of docker).

I have read up on similar cases, but all relate to synology NAS where things may be a bit different?
Does anyone have a docker-OH-QNAPNAS-USB setup like what I described, who is willing to share how you got it working ? - or does anyone else have an idea how to figure this out ?

I would hate to have to kick out 10 zwave devices and replace with Zigbee just because I cant get this to work…

Things may have changed in the past couple of years but if not, then getting USB to work on QNAP has always been a pain. You’ll probably have to follow a tutorial like Tutorial: install a Aeotec z-stick on a QNAP TS-231P server with Openhab.

Remember that Docker is not a full VM. All the containers share the same linux kernel and that’s where the device drivers live.

Thanks Rich. The problem is however not that USB is not working; I have multiple dockers who use USB - and I also use my zwave stick through the virtualization station on the QNAP. It is only the docker with OH which seem to have the problem - or the problem is the zstick itself in docker. I suspect a QNAP-linux driver issue - or a rights problem (although I have given the stick “all rights”). I can see that others are struggling though…