OH3 zigbee binding Livarno Lux E27 bulb CCT (HG06492C) no ON/OFF channel

I use latest OH3.0.1 and could detect the Livarno Lux E27 bulb CCT (HG06492C) with CC2531 usb stick(works with other devices).
But I got only two channels reported:
Color Temperature -> works as expected
Color Selection -> normally not supported
but no Dimmer, no On/Off Switch channel.

Could it be that this device is not fully supported or anything I could do to fix it?
I really would like to prevent installing zigbee2mqtt where it is supported:

Thanks for any help, hints or support!

That’s correct. These channels are not required - you can do everything you need with the color channel as it inherits functionality from dimmer, which in turn inherits from on/off :slight_smile:


Thx - that helps!
Beside the inheritance (which I did not know), only after a restart of OpenHAB the ON/OFF worked properly for the lamp. Not sure if there was an inital binding problem - for those who might run into the same trouble give it a try.
Now the bulb works fine!

I’m sorry I have the same lamp and the same issue, but for some reason I cannot solve it by creating an item on the Color channel.

The devise exposes all kinds of topics:

But once I create the z2m Thing it’s reduced to one channel for the link quality and one (Trigger ???) channel for Color:

So far, so surprising.

However, I cannot create any item based on that trigger channel, as - for starters - there is no selectable profile.

Not even sure, how the trigger channel would actually do all the switching, dimming and color changing, as creating the Itemfirst and the trying to link it back to the trigger channel, doesn’t work neither.

Any help?

Hi I’ve just seen your post, so you may have resolved the problem by now. However just in case I got the Lidl’s bulbs to work by configuring them as Generic MQTT Things (first ensuring that the MQTT Version was set to 5) and creating 3 Channels: OnOFF; Brightness; and Color_Temp The configuration of these channels is a follows: