OH3 Zwave Include not working

My System is a Raspi4, running openhabian. I am on the latest openhab Master Build and the latest Zwave Snapshot.
After some time, I today tried to add new Zwave devices (Aeotec Nano Shutter and Aeotec Door-Window7).
Running in DEBUG logging, the start of the scan/inclusion process got reported.
But none of the devices show up … inclusion is not working. Anybody have/had a similar problem?

Is this a new stick or are other devices connected to the network? If it’s new, are you sure it is for the same region as your devices?

I have been using this Aeotec stick for more than a year. There are about 30 Zwave devices connected to the network and all are working fine. The new devices are all european.

I have included about 120 devices to OH3 with no issues. Do you have a zniffer to see the actual traffic? Possibly issue is devices do not have route to new device. If they are out of range then no way will they add.

I had a similar problem trying to include some devices in their final location using network-wide inclusion. In the end, I brought them close to the controller and set the controller for low power inclusion.

Both devices were discovered first try. Once I moved them to their final locations, they set up mesh routes back to the controller.

I always pair new Zwave devices very close (a few centimeters) to the controller. I am quite sure that I was able to include zwave devices to the OH3 system before, so have really no idea what’s going on right now.

Hm, I am not so sure that including new devices close to the controller is the best idea.
I see that neighbour devices can be remembered for weeks.
If i can not include devices at the place they will reside, I have concluded there is something wrong with the mesh. Most likely outside of radio range.
I may got things wrong, but I am quite sure that z-wave devices do not like to be moved…

I thought the same but after they wouldn’t include from their final place using network-wide inclusion, I had to do something and low-power inclusion worked.

There don’t seem to be any lasting problems and they both now have mesh routes.

I don’t know how the neighbour thing works but I moved them immediately after they were successfully included, maybe before they had time to get established in the “wrong” place?

I unplugged and replugged the Controller and Inclusion started to work again. Strange to me is, that the normal communication / operation of the controller has worked all the time, there was only a problem with the inclusion process. Never mind, issue is closed.