OH3 - Zwave Security questions

I have some questions about z-wave inclusions…

Im make seperate test openhab3 server(windows) and use another zwave Aeotec Z-Stick…
Im setup test binding with key:
6D CE 27 24 36 31 8F CA 85 38 04 2E 56 2F 2A 9A

I have one test device Fibaro FGS-223.

First Im include Fibaro FGS device…
network_ec8451ac__node_15.xml (36.8 KB)

And log file(Is RAR file renamed to txt which include log file 2MB):
node15_log.txt (96.3 KB)

So what I don’t understand right now is in GUI I see:

But XML show different:

In log file I see that device set & verify key and complete secure inclusion. So I assume that this device is secure included into zwave network. Correct?

Then Im check my other zwave network and there is some devices which have in GUI:
Does that mean that device is not secure included in network?
How this can happen if I in binding do not allow unsecure inclusions?

Or this setting still allow unsecure device to connect to network? How I can allow only secure inclusions? I have two devices(Qubino ZMNHXD1) In my network and one is secure included(zwave_secure=true) and another is unsecure included(zwave_secure=false) Im try reset that device few times to factory settings and reinclude it but there is no way to secure include it… What I can do?

This questions are important for me because I have second device Aeotec Key Fob Gen5 remote controller which Im include in openhab but it also show:
zwave_secure=false and would like directly(without controller) trigger this switch which is secure included into network. As I know unsecure included devices can’t comunicate with secure right? So then probably this key fob can’t communicate with Fibaro device and trigger outputs?
PC Controller info of Aeotec KeyFob:


So if understand right it missing SECURITY class…

Example switch:


Thanks for all your answers :slight_smile: