OH4.0.0 TP Link Binding HS103 channels/items issue

openHAB 4.0.0 Release Build
TP-Link Smart Home Binding
TP HS103

Every time I reboot my openhab no matter how clean/dirty the shutdown it comes back up and my two model HS103 HVIN HS103V5 plugs seem to lose their channels briefly, breaking their connections with between thing and item before rediscovering the channels. I have to wait until all initialization is complete and then I can go reconnect the items to the thing switch channel.
The thing is not being 'rediscovered as it does come back up with the correct custom thing ID and name, but apparently the channels are being rediscovered and recreated despite using standard channel ids… I see nothing in the logs to explain the behavior. No errors like [item] missing/invalid channel, no info logs like new channel id or any such. Suggestions?
This does not happen with my TPLink HS300 power bars, just the HS103 plugs.

Technically the HS300 and HS103 are handled in the same way in the binding. Therefor I don’t have a direct explanation for this behavior. Maybe it’s some timing issue. You could enable TRACE or DEBUG logging on the binding and see it it produces any additional information that might indicate why this happens.

Ok, it is confirmed it is not a tplink issue… I may have to rebuild my entire openhab install as something is causing massive weirdness with [item,thing,channel] links after a certain point disappearing every time it resets or even at random times without resets. Some corruption in some file involving a missing EOL or some such.

Edit: Final solution was bad permissions on the jsondb org.openhab.core.things.link.LinkChannel.json were bad preventing writes