OH4 Installation - Config before installation

Hey everyone,

I’m going to move from OH3 to OH4 but this time with a separat system. So I’m doing a fresh installation. Will use openhabian on a Raspberry Pi 4.
I once used a tutorial were it was shown that after flashing the image with etcher you can already make some configuration changes.

What I want to do is to change the name of the installation so that the url is not “openhabian:8080” and I want to change the configuration of the ssh login data so that the password to use with putty is not “openhabian”. I had in mind that it’s possible but I can’t find it anymore.

Do something uncool: Read the docs.

Took very long till this happend. First negativ experience in this community.
Anyway thanks for the information this in fact helps.

But the comment was unnecessary. As a non nativ english speaker maybe you could think about that it’s not that easy to find the specific information when you don’t know what exact words you should use to find it. In my case I used “installation” and “first configuration” or “before installation”. With the words “setup” and “initial configration” I would have found it.

Everybody to use software should have been reading the docs before use and even more so when he is looking for a specific function, don’t you agree? Reading doesn’t mean googling so you don’t have to know keywords.
So now that I just reminded of the obvious and even gave you the link to the docs, the very first thing you feel you need to reply is that’s a negative experience? Oh dear.