OH4 no reloading of changed rules files

As I have an “empty” server for tests and dev on my Windows 10 PC, I will test again on that OH server but I am already confident that it works on Windows.

From my experience on a Windows machine this error occurs when you start openHAB with a web client still trying to connect. I usually find that after seeing these errors it is not possible to connect to the GUI until a restart.

I found my problem: Tyying to find the problem, i used the normal notepad to make small changes. All changes issued a correct reload of the file. I went back to my normal development environment “Visual Studio” and repeated the changes. No reload was done.
As a complete fool I didn’t realize, that I should have changed the environment to OH4 directory too.
I very sorry for the trouble.

As a moderator, may I request you to next time please provide all the relevant information upfront with your initial post. That is at least hw, os, relevant environment, exact versions in use and the conditions to reproduce the error.
It’s really annoying for a volunteer that’s willing to help you with your issue when he does not know about these and has to makes assumptions that can be false.
That’s quickly leading to frustration on everybody’s part.
Thank you.

Can you mark this post as “solution” for clarity? Glad that it’s now working for you.