OH4 Start Slow with textual rules DSL (Openhabian)

OH40.2M2 with openhabian

When using a lot of textual rules (20 files), openhab start loading very slow.
After 15 minutes bindings alert takes more than 5000ms.
After 30minutes it start again. Loop start mode.

Dispatching event to subscriber 'org.openhab.core.thing.internal.CommunicationManager@1746cb0' takes more than 5000ms.

If i remove textual rules or put 3 or 4 rules it works.
With OH4.0M2 docker or OH3.4 i don’t have this problem.
All the rules are DSL type.

I have Java 17.
Tested with last snapshot and have same problem.
If i disable ZRAM it will be faster loading but the problem maintain.

What is host? I’m guessing a Pi?
report your issue here
just put a link to this thread

It’s an Raspberry Pi4.

I think you are probably overwhelming the little Pi. OH4 is made to run on the db, there have been file based bugs in the past. If it’s a Pi and you are using openHABian, change the title of this thread to include openHABian (or tag it) so the (openHABian) developers get dinged.

Edit to add:
OH4 is pre-release so be vigilant of dragons

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