OHCloudExchange Expired

Hi do anyone have an idea of what to do with this informtion?

I have really no idea of that I’ve changed anything in my configurations.

2017-01-07 15:55:11.238 [WARN ] [ipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange] - EXPIRED OHCloudExchange@167ac8d=GET//localhost:8999/rest/sitemaps/Londonborg/demo?#WAITING(29929ms)->EXPIRED(0ms)sent=29929ms

Since 1 hour i get the same messages in the log.

Any ideas?

I´m on OH 1.8.3

Can you try to restart it ?
This helped here: OpenHAB sitemap not opening on local network

Those messages say that there were long-polling requests to your OH through OHCloud which than timed out. Also I think it is safe to switch from 1.X to OH 2.0 since we released it officially.

BR Mehmet